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Getting started

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Get an account on the system

UiB, IMR and Uni Research AS

To get a user account on one of the supercomputers at UiB you need to complete the account application form. This is valid also for users that already have accounts on other UiB machines.

You will be notified by email as soon as the account is established. If you provided your mobile phone number in the application form you will receive the password via SMS.

The regulations of use for computer equipment at the University of Bergen can be found here.


To get an account on hexagon via the NOTUR project please follow this link.

Connect to the system

You will be able to connect to the supercomputers at UiB only via SSH.

Please refer to the Secure Shell page for basic information regarding ssh and related utilities.

Obtain a new password

If you are a NOTUR user you can obtain a new password at Metacenter page, otherwise please contact Support.

Change password

NOTUR users can change their passwords at Metacenter page.

Hexagon login nodes have a read-only file system, therefore it is not possible for the user to change his password directly. If you want to change the password on Hexagon please contact Support.

Users of the fimm cluster can change the password on Fimm and then request that their new password is to be transferred to Hexagon via Support.

The next steps for hexagon users

You can find a short introduction to UNIX CLI in Introduction to Unix CLI. This section contains a list of some useful bash commands, short presentation of UNIX file system, processes, environment, etc.

You can find information about how to write job scripts and submit jobs in Job execution (Hexagon). In the same place you will also find details about queue system setup, job limitations, default resources and policies.

Information about operations on data, like file transfers, archiving, and proper use of file systems is located in Data (Hexagon).

The Application development (Hexagon) page contains descriptions of the available tools to build your code, like compilers and debuggers, as well as the specific details for the compilation for a Cray XE system.

In General_software_and_libraries_(Hexagon) you will find information about supported and unsupported popular scientific applications, as well as information about various optimized scientific libraries.

Resources contains links to external resources with valuable information about how to use and utilize Cray XE system.