Cray XT4 workshop

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The workshop has been held at March the 11th - 14th, 2008

The workshop has been held by three experts from Cray:

  • John Levesque
  • Luiz DeRose
  • Jason Beech-Brandt

More information:

  • Agenda for the workshop File:Agenda.doc. However, there might be changes.
  • The desktops used during the workshop will be installed with Linux.
  • Wireless will be available, however, we will need your MAC address to set this up.

Slide from the workshop:


The workshop is at Høyteknologisenteret i Bergen (HiB). On the ground floor in Datablokken (right hand side of the main entrance). Room 1129. Thormøhlensgt.55, N-5008 BERGEN